A toner, essence and lotion in one, this medicated gel cream is suitable for day and night. It moisturizes and brightens skin with infused Vitamin C derivatives, hyaluronic acid and collagen.


  • It is a medicinal gel cream of 6 roles with 1 product, plenty of beauty ingredients sticking to moisture retention.


  • It is OK with only one of 6 products (lotion, milky lotion, beauty lotion, cream, pack, massage), clean after washing face with this one.


  • It is a fragrance-free, non-colored, mineral oil, non-alcohol (ethyl alcohol) prescription that sticks to mild comfort.


How to use:


  • After washing your face, take 2-3 pieces of pearl grain at your fingertips.


  • Spread on your skin so that it gets you well from 5 points in your chin, both cheeks, nose and wishes.